Vote to RE-Elect - Albert Gonzalez

Questions and Answers

Why do you want to be a SCUSD Trustee?

 I have three sons, ages 7, 9, and 11 years.  Two of my sons are currently attending  Millikin Basics+ and the other is attending Peterson Middle School.  My wife was a math teacher at Wilcox High School for fourteen years and now teaches in the Fremont Union High School District.  We moved to Santa Clara because this is a great place to live, work, and play.  We intend to raise our children in the area and continue sending them to school in the Santa Clara Unified School District.  As you can see,  changes and decisions made by the district will directly affect my family.  I want to take part in making our school district the best for our children and our community because my family depends on it. 

What are your priorities for SCUSD?

Increasing parent and community involvement
Retaining and recruiting quality teachers
Narrowing the achievement gap while raising the bar
District accountability at all levels

What makes you the best choice for SCUSD Trustee?

I want what you want for the Santa Clara Unified School District.  I want to make SCUSD the best that it can be and am willing to put in the time required to get things done.   I want a school district in which all children are given a quality education; one interested in raising test scores while narrowing the achievement gap.  I want a school district that retains, recruits, and respects teachers for their great work.   I want a school district that is known for using resources wisely and with the correct priorities in mind.  I want a school district that does not provoke questions, but rather does an honest job and can be trusted by the community which it serves.  I can help make this possible while being a professional, respecting diverse points of view, working with others, and supporting group decisions.  I am ready and willing to make the commitment.

What involvement have you had within our School District?

My involvement within our school district includes tutoring students in the evenings, being a PTA member, volunteering at and attending various events at my children’s school, attending various events at my wife’s school and helping her with the club and folkloric group that she advises, as well as attending various board meetings. I am currently Headroom parent for my son’s kindergarten classroom and Computer Lab scheduler for my other son’s second grade classroom.  I have a life that includes making time for my family and a full time job.  I come with an open, objective mind and a desire to do what is best for our children and community. 

Why did you choose to send your children to one of our alternative elementary schools, rather than to their home school?

We are very lucky to have a school district that allows us to request enrollment of our children at our choice of schools within the district.   We also have the option of selecting from schools with different education philosophies.   My wife and I chose to send our children to Millikin Basics + because in our opinion, Millikin offered a structure and philosophy that we felt would complement our children best.  If at any time our children prove to be unsuccessful in such a program, we would immediately try a different program.  I believe that parents want the best possible education for their children and know what may or may not work for their children.  I have close friends and relatives whose children are at different schools throughout our district, including some at Washington Open, and their children are thriving as well.  The key is finding what works best for our children and making sure that they are held to high academic standards.


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